Forwarding emails

EMAIL 10-030

What you need to know

With "Forwarding" all incoming emails are forwarded to one or more email addresses. It can be set whether a copy of the email remains in their mailbox (urgent recommendation). This function can also be used as a supplement to the automatic out-of-office message, if, for example, only certain emails are to be forwarded.

Please note:

We explicitly advise against setting up and using permanent forwarding to private email addresses, as problems with third-party systems repeatedly occur. HFU mails can be used at any time with webmail (online) or common mail programs and apps, both online and offline.

The user is responsible for proper delivery (correct email address, accessibility of target server). The data center cannot provide support for technical problems of the third-party system, mailbox quota, RBL (e.g. typing error in the forwarding email address, no accessibility of the server, etc.).

We do not recommend setting up forwarding to MS domains (,,, as well as and )!

What you have to do

  1. After logging in, in the upper left corner select the gear icon  for "Preferences" and then click on "Mail".

    • The "Mail" configuration area opens.

  2. Click on "Forward".

    • The forwarding menu opens.

  3. Check the "Forward incoming messages" box.

    • An input field for email addresses appears.

  4. Enter the email address(es) to which the incoming emails should be forwarded.

    Make sure that the spelling is correct.

    • Important:
      Check the "Keep a copy" option and a copy of the email will remain in your mailbox.

  5. Click on the disk icon  (top right) to save the changes made.

  6. Technical problems may occur when forwarding emails to third-party systems. In the worst case, the emails will not be delivered. The HFU Computer Center has no control over this.

Problems or questions?

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