Video does not appear


What you need to know

These are the rough steps which are followed, from uploading to making a video available in the media portal:
1.) Upload of the video by the user
2.) Transcoding of the video by the media portal
3.) Provision of the transcoded video to the users of the media portal.

The speed at which videos go through these steps is influenced by different factors.
Transcoding of videos is done by processing a queue containing videos uploaded by all users and not yet transcoded. If many videos are uploaded simultaneously / at almost the same time, the queue will unfortunately become longer.

The volume and size of the videos also have an effect on the time required to transcode a video and thus on the speed with which the queue can be processed by the system. You can indirectly influence this process by compressing videos before uploading them:
Compress video with Handbrake (see HelpCard 10-010).

As long as the video is at the "uploaded but not yet transcoded" stage, videos do not show up in the media portal. Transcoding is carried out to make the video playable in all browsers. For this reason, it will not show up in the media portal until the process is complete.

Currently, it can take up to 24 hours for the video to become visible to you in My Media.

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