Preparing a digital oral exam


What you need to know

For digital forms of service provision, according to the current status (30.11.), only the following software products may be used: alfaview, BigBlueButton, MEMEO (AdobeConnect) and JITSI.

Please bear in mind that alfaview does not have the option of lockable rooms.

What you have to do

  1. Schedule an exam appointment.

  2. Preparation of the virtual exam room
    When using BigBlueButton, MEMEO, JITSI:
    Set up an exam room (with access code if necessary) in BigBlueButton (see Helpcard BBB BBB 10-100) or MEMEO (see Helpcard MEMEO 10-010).

    • BigBlueButton - Possible settings for the rooms in the video conferencing system depend on your desired setting. You can find more information on the Helpcard BBB 10-100.

    • MEMEO -We recommend the following settings:

      - "Only registered users have access to the room (guest access blocked)": thus only someone, after authentication with the HFU account, can join the room. You must then add the examinee(s) to the meeting as a participant and set "Moderator" as the user role. You can then send an invitation email from within the system (see Helpcard MEMEO 10-010).
      - "Users must enter the room passcode"

  3. Communication with the examinee:

    • Communicate the exam date and schedule about 10 minutes before the exam for a technical check with the people being tested.

    • Communicate the exam room and password, as well as a telephone availability in case of technical difficulties.

    • Obtain the required consent form for the use of the webcam, among other things. Use the master course for this, as described in Helpcard 10-010.

    • Arrange a trial run. If you encounter technical issues or questions that you cannot resolve, contact the Learning Services team via the Service desk.

Problems or questions?

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