Making copying more difficult through randomisation


What you need to know

You have several options to make it more difficult for students to copy each other.

In many cases you make use of the so-called "sections". By default, each FELIX test contains one section. By using several sections or subsections (e.g. for a thematic delimitation) you can configure parts of your test differently.

The following options are available:

(1) Randomise the answers within a question (not possible and useful for every question type, see Step 1).
(2) Randomise the questions within the whole test (see step 2).
(3) Randomise the questions within a section (= of a topic area) (see step 3).
(4) Randomise the sections (=subject areas) within the test (see step 4).
(5) Hide the section titles if necessary to make it more difficult to assign the individual questions in the sections (see step 5).
(6) Create different variants and let them draw randomly (see Helpcard 20-075).

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What you have to do

  1. Randomisation of the answer alternatives within the questions.
    You have to set this when creating the questions in the question pool.

    • For single and multiple-choice questions, the "Random order" is already preset.

    • In your question pool, select the question within which you want the answers to be randomly ranked for students.

    • If the question type allows it, in the "Selection" tab click "Random order" and save the setting.

    • If you have already included questions in a test and you want to change these questions, you must first change this in the question pool as described, and then include the questions in the test again.

  2. Randomise the questions within a test (there are no sections other than the preset section).

    • In your test, click on "Edit content" under the administration (left).

    • In the existing sections, in the "Section" tab, set the "Yes" option at "Random order of questions or sections?" (see Figure 2.1)

    • The question titles are hidden in the test if you use our eKlausur@home-Master template. Only "Question 1, Question 2" is displayed to the students.

  3. Randomisation of questions within a section (several sections, e.g. several topic areas available):
    This setting is made within a created test.

    • In your test, click on "Edit content" under Administration (left).

    • In all existing sections in the "Section" tab, set the "Yes" option at "Random order of questions or sections?" (see Figure 3.1).

  4. Randomisation of the individual sections (topic areas): this setting is also made in a created test.

    • If you have not already done so, click on "Edit content" under Administration (left).

    • If you have already created sections, you need a new section that will be inserted as a parent section. This then contains your sections (topics) as subsections.

    • Click on "Add elements" and select "Section". You can retitle the section (e.g. "Examination") if desired.

    • Drag & Drop all the sections that you want to be randomly ranked directly into this section.

    • If there are sections that should have a fixed place in the test (e.g. the first topic should always be at the beginning, only the other topics should be ranked randomly), you must insert them as a separate section (not as a sub-section).

    • The newly inserted section now contains all the sections that you want to mix. You can control this by closing and opening the arrow in front of the section.

    • For this section (in the Section tab), select "Yes" for "Random order of questions or sections" (see Figure 4.1)

    • Click into your subsections. There, in the "Expert" tab, select "Random" for the last "Position" setting (Figure 4.2).

    • This is how the subsections are mixed up.

    • If you want the questions within the sections to also be displayed randomly, then set a "Yes" in the section at "Random order of questions or sections". (see also Figure 3.1)
      If the questions within a section build on each other, then set "No" to "Random order of questions or sections" in this section.

  5. You can have the section titles hidden to make copying even more difficult.

    • In the test, under Administration > "Edit Content", click the "Expert" tab for all sections whose titles you do not want to display.

    • Click "No" at "Section title visible in test".

    • The section titles are then not displayed in the test.

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