Use of the libraries by professors, lecturers and other university staff

BIB 10-005

What you need to know

Registration is required to be able to use the libraries and its media and services. Your HFU card serves as a library card.

What you have to do

  1. Download the External link opens in a new window:application for use of the HFU libraries.

  2. Fill out the application and sign it.

    • Please enter your employee number in the "Ausweisnummer" field.

  3. Please only enter your HFU email address and your login name FELIX.

  4. Send the signed application by email to the library on your campus.

    • The library team on your campus will contact you to inform you about the HFU library services.

  5. Under External link opens in a new window:Library search you have access to the BOSS search portal (Helpcard BIB 20-020).

  6. Please check our current opening hours before you come to the library under External link opens in a new window:Opening hours.

  7. Click here for more information about our Operating regulations and Library charges.

Problems or questions?