Searching for and managing standards

BIB 20-070

What you need to know

As the successor to Perinorm, the Nautos database offers the search for all DIN standards and VDI guidelines valid in Germany. Full text access to specific sets of standards is possible, in accordance with the existing license of the university library.

Nautos contains approx. 2.6 million monthly updated records of standards from 28 countries (e.g. ANSI, DIN, ISO), technical rules as well as German legislation with technical reference and applicable EU directives.
It is available on the campus network as well as externally accessible via VPN for university members.

DIN-VDE standards and DIN-VDE draft standards can be viewed in printed form at the Schwenningen campus from the publication date 07/2008. To order, you can contact your campus library team by email.

What you have to do

  1. Dial into the university network via the VPN client.
    (Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:BIB-10-010)

  2. Go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

  3. Click on the link to the DBIS Database information system.

    • The DBIS will open.

  4. Select Normen (Standards) under Fachübersicht, Fachgebiet (Subject overview, Scientific fields).

  5. Click on the "Nautos" database.

    • The detailed view of the database opens.

    • In the detailed view you will find the contents of the database, tutorials and general usage information.

  6. To open the database, click on the link at Recherche starten (Start search).

    • The "Nautos" database will open.

  7. Search for the document number.

    • It is enough to enter a part of the document number (Example: 9001).

    • Search without adding the version, because it is often already no longer valid and already replaced by a newer one.

    • In the advanced search fields, a search field by text content (e.g. by title) is available.

    • For more information on searching can be found in the FAQs.

  8. The list of results will be displayed.

    • Only documents with the  symbol are available in full text. If the symbol is missing, the standard is not available in digital form.

  9. Click on the document number of the standard you are looking for.

    • The full display will open.

  10. To open the standard in full text, click on the icon on the right and select "View online".

    • The standard will open.

    • If a full text opens but does not load completely, try retrieving it with another browser.

Problems or questions?

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