DBIS Database Information System

BIB 50-010

What you need to know

The DBIS Database Information System helps you to search for literature, information and facts.

Here you will find numerous academic databases for specific subject areas such as business, engineering, psychology and medicine.

You will also find information on statistics and norms.

Please note the access requirements before using.
(BIB-10-010 helpcard).

What you have to do

  1. Access the university network over the VPN Client.
    (BIB-10-010 helpcard).

  2. Go to the HFU libraries website and click on the green library search button.

    • DBIS opens.

  3. Select the relevant subject in the subject overview (Fachübersicht) and click on the database you require.

    • The detailed view of the database opens.

    • In the detailed view you will see the database content, tutorials and general instructions on use.

  4. To open the database, click on the "Start search" link.

    • The database opens. Now you can search for your topic. General information on searching can be found in the BIB 20-010 helpcard.

  5. If you already know which database you are looking for:
    Enter the name of the database in the Quick Search (Schnelle Suche) box and click on "Go!". Click on the name of the database and then on the "Start Search" link.

  6. Note the DBIS Database Information Systems Instructions for Use (in German).

  7. Access options for the DBIS database are explained by means of icons of various colours.

  8. A one-time registration is necessary for many databases.
    Please note the instructions given on each database.

  9. Use the TOP databases in the subject area selected by the HFU libraries for your search.

    • The TOP databases can only be seen off campus if you have installed and opened the VPN Client (Helpcard BIB 10-010).

Problems or questions?

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