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BIB 70-100

What you need to know

The External link opens in a new window:OPUS (Online Publication System) is the institutional External link opens in a new window:repository of HFU and enables the free publication, permanent record and dissemination of publications of the university, either exclusively of the bibliographic data or additionally with full text.

You can independently enter your own published publications in OPUS.

What you have to do

  1. Go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

  2. Click on the "Publish" menu item.

  3. Select the appropriate document type for your work.

    • Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

  4. In the "Upload document(s)" section you can upload the full text of your document.

    • For documents with multiple authors, the consent and publication rights of all authors are required. Please check yourself in advance.

    • Please do not upload any documents with a restriction clause, especially final theses that have been prepared in companies.

  5. Confirm that you have read and agree with the legal notice.

  6. Click "Continue to next step". The "Publish" input mask opens.

  7. Select the language of the document content.

  8. Enter the main title of your publication.

    • If you also wish to enter a translation of the title, click "Add another title" and enter the corresponding title in the additional field.

  9. Enter the abstract of your document in the "Abstract(s)" field.

    • If you would like to add an abstract in an additional language, click the "Add another abstract" button.

  10. All authors of the publication are entered in the "Authors" field.

    • Enter your FIRST and LAST names. Surnames and first names must be written out in full.

    • To enter multiple authors, click "Add another author".

  11. Enter the year of publication in the "Year of completion" field.

  12. In the "Supervisor" field, enter the primary supervisor at HFU.

  13. Enter the date of the final examination.

  14. Select the awarding institution from the drop-down menu.

    • If the institution is not Furtwangen University, select it anyway and enter the correct institution in the comments field.

  15. The "External link opens in a new window:GND keywords" field will NOT be filled out.

    • Enter free keywords in the field "Keyword(s)".

  16. In the "Keyword(s)" field, enter three and five keywords related to your work.

    • Additional keywords are entered using the "Add another keyword" button.

  17. The "DDC subject group" field is NOT filled out.

  18. In the "Program" field, select your study programme from the drop-down menu.

  19. The appropriate "functional area" is selected via the drop-down menu.

    • This field is only mandatory for students of the HFU Business School.

  20. In the "Space for notes" field under "Remarks", further information about your publication can be entered.

    • Comments are not visible to the public.

  21. Once you have uploaded your full text, enter a license for the subsequent use of your document.

    • If you have not uploaded a full text, select "Copyright protected".

  22. Click "Continue to next step". You will now receive a summary of your information.

  23. Check your entries and finish the publishing process by selecting "Save document".

    • Your entries in OPUS are not visible immediately after they have been entered. They will be published later by the OPUS administrators.

    • Once your entry has been published in OPUS, any changes can only be made via the OPUS administrators.

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