FELIX cannot be accessed


What you need to know

FELIX is the central learning platform of HFU.

FELIX is a web application and runs in the browser. In order for FELIX to function properly, a working internet connection must be established, an up-to-date browser must be used and Javascript must be allowed.

FELIX cannot be accessed?

What you have to do

  1. Check on HFU's own outage information (e.g., https://xn--baw-joa.social/@hfu_imz_info), to see if there is a central outage.

  2. Check whether other internet pages are accessible. If not, there is a local malfunction.

  3. Check whether other HFU websites are accessible. If not, there may be a central fault in the HFU network (or on the way to the network).

  4. Please send an email to "Email application is started:felix-support@hfu.eu" and report the outage to us.

Problems or questions?