Searching for and joining a course over the catalog

FELIX 00-031

What you need to know

Once you have successfully logged in to FELIX, you can use the "Catalog" tab to search for the desired course or browse for courses in the listed categories.

You can find out how to do this in this HelpCard.

What you have to do

  1. Click on the "Catalog" tab.

    • The search mask opens and below it possible categories in which the respective courses are entered (faculties, curriculum semester, degree, central institutions...).

  2. Search for the desired course using the search mask. Use the course title and/or the name of the lecturer.

    • A course selection based on your search criteria will be displayed.

    • Once you have found the course, open the course (see step 5).
      If you have not found the course, specify the search with another criterion (e.g. the course abbreviation).
      If you only want to find out which courses are still available, follow the next steps.

  3. Select the desired category (e.g., your faculty).

    • You can further restrict the list of courses displayed using the sub-categories (e.g. degree programme).

  4. If necessary, use the table symbol on the right above the course table to switch to a tabular overview in order to optimise the view of the course list.

    • If required, configure the displayed table columns by clicking on the cogwheel symbol on the right. For example, deactivate the "Semester name", "Start" and "End" columns and save your selection.

    • The results display is staggered; by default, 20 results are displayed per page.
      At the end of the results display, you can navigate to the next results on the right.

  5. Click on "book" or "start" to go directly to the selected course.

    • If the course is blocked by an access code, you will need the password to start the course. You will receive this from the lecturer / course instructor. 

Problems or questions?