FELIX stands for Furtwangen ELearning and Information eXchange and FELIX is the central learning platform of the university.

In FELIX, students can find teaching material related to events as well as important information from faculties and service facilities (e.g. downloads and resources from the Computer Center, information from the International Center, and much more).

For lecturers, FELIX offers numerous functions to support their teaching and promotes communication between lecturers and students.
On this page you will find practical instructions and help, especially for lecturers who want to use FELIX in their teaching.

To create courses in FELIX you need authoring rights. First, log in to FELIX with your HFU account. Then request authoring rights from FELIX Support by sending a ticket (see also "Write ticket" below).

The Learning Services department will also be happy to check your courses for any problems and potential for optimization as part of the FELIX seal.
If you have any questions, problems or would like to request the FELIX seal, simply send a ticket to "FELIX" with the link to the respective course.

Helpcards available