Signing out of a course

FELIX 00-039

What you need to know

This Helpcard will show you how to successfully "sign out" of a course as a participant.

What you have to do

  1. Bring up the course which you want to "sign out" of.

    • The start page of the course will open.

  2. Open the submenu of "My course" (on the top right).

    • The submenu will open.

  3. Select "Sign out".

    • The "Sign out" window opens with the following system message:

      "Do you really want to leave this course? This deletes your respective course or group membership, and you will not be able to access this course in the future."

  4. In the "Confirmation" field, check the "Delete membership" box.

  5. Click "Sign out" to successfully unsubscribe from the course.

    • The cancellation will also be confirmed by email.

    • You have successfully signed out of the course.

Problems or questions?