Individual course layout

FELIX 10-070

What you need to know

In order to structure your FELIX course visually better and to make it more diversified, you can activate illustrations and/or a colour category for the whole course or for single course elements. You can use illustrations from the FELIX library or upload your own illustrations into the course.
The illustrations will then be displayed as small icons in the title bar of the course or course element. If a colour category has been selected, the title bar will be highlighted accordingly.

This way, course elements can have recognition value by using a certain image or colour category (e.g. yellow for "Prepare knowledge", blue for "Acquire knowledge" (readers, scripts, PowerPoint slides, videos), green for "Follow up knowledge" (e.g. exercises).

An example can be found in our course templates (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-010).

What you have to do

  1. This is an example of the use of teaching icons in the individual course layout.

  2. In your course, click "Settings" under "Administration".

    • The course settings open.

  3. Click on "Layout".

    • The layout options open.

  4. In the section "Standard style course elements" you can...
    .... upload your own background image or use an image from the library (e.g. our teaching icons)
    ... set the style of the background image (e.g. right/left)
    ... select a colour category.

    • Please pay attention to the copyright of other people's images.

    • Square images should have a minimum pixel count of 120 x 120 px and should not exceed a maximum dimension of 300 x 300px.

  5. Save the layout settings and close them by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.

    • You are now in the course.

    • The selected background image and the selected colour category will be displayed when the title bar is activated (also in the individual course elements).
      You activate the title display in the course editor under the respective element in the tab "Layout".

  6. Do you not want to display the selected background image or colour scheme for individual course elements or do you want to select an element-specific image or scheme or change the settings for it?

    • Open the "Course editor" under the administration.

    • Select the course element whose layout you want to change.

    • Click on the "Layout" tab.

    • Check under "Display" whether the "Title" is activated.

    • If required, change "Background image" from "Course standard" to "Course element specific". You can still select a specific style and colour for any course element.

    • Background images and colour schemes in the structure blocks can be inherited by underlying blocks using the "inherited" selection.

Problems or questions?