Using the toolbar

FELIX 20-095

What you need to know

In FELIX you can activate certain tools in the toolbar and thus place them prominently in the top centre of the course view.

In the learning path course type (see Helpcard 10-005), this offers a good opportunity to "swap out" course elements that are to be accessed repeatedly from the linear path.
But also in conventional courses you can highlight tools that are used for communication such as messages, the forum or an email form in the centre of the course view.

The course info ("light bulb") and the course search are available by default.

The following additional tools are available:
- Course calendar
- Participant list
- Messages
- E-mail
- BigBlueButton online appointments
- Blog
- Wiki
- Forum
- Documents
- Glossary

For courses with an enrollment, please note that the tools activated in the toolbar and their contents are accessible even without enrollment if the release is set to "open".

What you have to do

  1. Under "Administration" click on "Settings".

    • The settings will open.

  2. Click on the "Toolbar" tab.

    • You can now activate the tools selected.

  3. Activate the tools you want.

    • You cannot make any other special settings at this point that you are familiar with from the Course editor, (for example, restriction in visibility and access).

    • For BigBlueButton online meetings you can configure that a meeting may only be started by moderators.

  4. Save your selection and close the settings by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.

    • The toolbar will be displayed with the selected tools.

  5. We recommend making course participants aware of the toolbar and subscription to course elements such as the forum and messages. In contrast to the messages in the course element, messages in the toolbar are not automatically subscribed to the first time they are accessed.

Problems or questions?