Inserting and editing wiki content

FELIX 30-121

What you need to know

Wikis are used to collaborate on content in a simple way. By default, all course participants can create/edit/delete articles. If wiki content has been accidentally deleted, contact the owner of the wiki. He can restore previous versions from any wiki page. Wikis can be included in courses as a course element (see Helpcard 30-120) or in workgroups as a tool. If you subscribe to a wiki (top right), you will be informed about changes regularly (see Helpcard

What you have to do

  1. Add a wiki to your course (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:30-120).

  2. Navigate to the respective wiki page to insert/edit content.

    • If you click on the wiki course element in the structure (left), the course element menu is expanded and you can (1) navigate to the index there, (2) display all wiki pages "From A-Z" alphabetically or (3) call up the latest changes. In the "Wiki Menu" area you will find helpful links created by the owner of the wiki. Under "History" (top right), the five most recently visited pages are listed.

  3. Click Index under the wiki building block (left) and select "Edit page".

    • The index serves as the entry page to your wiki. From the index, all important subpages of the wiki should be accessible.

  4. Give your wiki index a content structure. If you put the individual structure points in two square brackets (e.g. [[Literature]]), a subpage linked to the index is set up.

  5. Click "Save and view" at the bottom of the page.

    • You will see the wiki in display mode. The link to the prepared subpage appears in red.

    • By clicking on the link, a subpage is created and automatically opened for editing.

  6. Click on the link and the subpage will be created and opened for editing.

    • Place the following internal link [[Index|Back to Index]] in the first line of the new page to allow wiki users to "return" to the index. Internal links refer to other wiki pages and are structured according to the following scheme [[Title of wiki page (e.g. Index)| displayed text (e.g. Back to index)]].

    • A wiki page can be structured (heading, links, lists, etc.) by a special syntax.
      A description of this syntax can be found in the context help on the wiki page. To do this, click on "Edit page" in the course view in your wiki. You will then find the green "Help button" at the top right.

  7. Edit the page according to your needs.

    • You will find numerous formatting options above the text box. These and other options (e.g. insert images, insert external links) are explained in more detail in the context-sensitive help. To do so, click on the question mark symbol on the right above the text box.

  8. Exit the editing mode with "Save and display".

    • The display mode will open.

    • The four tabs of a selected wiki page show which mode you are currently in.
      Under "Article", the wiki page shows the display mode.
      Under "Discussion" you can open a discussion topic or respond to topics that have already been opened.  
      Under "Edit page" you edit the page.
      Under "Versions/Authors" you can see the changes you have made and their authors.

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