Using H5P in FELIX

FELIX 30-230

What you need to know

With the free and open source software H5P (to the External link opens in a new window:website) you can create interactive learning content and integrate it for example in FELIX (Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:30-235).

You can use H5P for interactive exercises or for self-testing of knowledge. For "real-life" learning level checks we recommend the FELIX test (Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:30-160).

 You can create H5P content with the software "Lumi", for example.

What you have to do

  1. Install External link opens in a new window:Lumi (for Windows, macOs, Linux).

    • In Windows, click on "Download installer" and save the .exe file for installation. The SmartScreen filter will probably prevent the installation. The SmartScreen filter is there to protect you from malware. To install Lumi anyway, click on "Show more" and "Run anyway".

    • Lumi will be installed.

  2. Open Lumi.

    • Read and accept the privacy policy, choose the language you prefer, and click "Accept selection".

  3. Click on H5P Editor "Start".

  4. Now create an H5P module or select an existing one in the future.

  5. Find a desired content type and click "Apply".

    • You can view a content demo for each content type.

  6. After selecting the content type, click on "Install".

  7. Now use the content type.

    • You will find a tutorial and an example for each content type.

  8. Create and save your task or interactive content.

    • Don't forget to save (top left under File > Save)!
      When you close the app, your content will not be saved automatically.

  9. Export your completed module as a SCORM package under "File" > "Export" and integrate it into FELIX.
    More information about inserting the SCORM learning content can be found on Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:30-235.

Problems or questions?