Keeping an overview in the question pool

FELIX 40-115

What you need to know

You can organise your question pool in different ways:
1. Create favorites
2. Create thematic lists
3. Work with the metadata
4. Configure the displayed table

What you have to do

  1. Create favourites by bookmarking questions in the "My Questions" section. These questions will then appear in "My Favourites".

  2. Create lists.

    • Mark thematically matching questions and click on "Lists" below the table.

    • Click "Create List" to create a new list (or select "Add to List").

    • Give the list a name and click "OK" or select an existing list and confirm with "Select".

    • The questions are referenced in the corresponding list. This means that the question is not copied, but any changes made to this question will also affect the question in "My question".

    • You can remove questions from a list without deleting it entirely.

  3. Work with the metadata.
    You can edit the metadata within a question under "General" on the right. You can also edit the metadata of several questions at once.

    • Select the corresponding questions and click "Change metadata" below the table.

    • Under "General" you can now activate and fill in the metadata that is important for you, for example "Subject", "Keywords", "Additional information".

    • Confirm your changes with "OK".

    • To display the metadata in the summary table, configure it as explained in the next step.

  4. Configure the table displayed.

    • Click the gear icon on the right above the table.

    • Activate the information relevant for you, e.g.
      - The flag
      - Editable (when using shares)
      - Title
      - Subject
      - Last change
      - Keywords, additional information if necessary, department if necessary

    • Save your configuration.

    • The overview table can be customised separately in "My Questions", "My Favorites" and the lists.

    • You can preview the question by clicking on the eye icon in the table.

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