Question pool - organising shares between multiple people

FELIX 40-125

What you need to know

In the Question pool tab on the left, you will find "My questions", "My favorites", any lists you have created and shares (= pools shared with third parties).

You can use "Shares" or "Shared" pools to edit questions together with other people or exchange questions (also non-editable).

You can request a shared pool via email to: Email application is started:felix-support(at) We need the desired name of the share (e.g. Name_Topic) as well as the persons who should have access to this share.

Please note that questions created by students will be deleted after their de-registration and you should therefore save a copy of them.

Shared question pools can be used in different ways, as described on this Helpcard.

What you have to do

  1. Make a copy of questions from a common question pool

    • Please note: If you release a question from the question pool into a shared pool and this question is edited by you or a third party, the original question in "My questions" will also be changed for both the author and the co-editor!

      You should therefore make a copy of the original question (with a version number if necessary) as described in this step.
      If you do not want to create a copy, skip the next two steps.

    • Select the relevant question under "My questions" and click on "Copy" below the table.
      If you do not yet have any questions, create them first in "My questions". You can find help on creating questions on the HelpCard: Internal link opens in the same window:40-100.

    • Copy the question to your own area ("My questions") using the button below the table.

    • A question with "(Copy)_Title" is created.

  2. Questions should be released into the shared pool for others to edit

    • Share the created (or copied) question in the open question (top left) under "Share" via "Share in pool".

    • Alternatively, you can select several questions in the question list under "My questions" and then click on "Share" > "Share in pool" below the table.

    • Select the appropriate shared pool.

    • At this point, the system will ask you if you want the questions to be editable by other pool members.

    • Click on "Yes" and confirm with "OK".

    • The question is now editable by others in the shared question pool.

    • If a question is changed by someone in the shared question pool, it will also be changed in the author's own area (e.g. in "My questions" / lists)!

    • The reverse is also true - every change you make to this shared question under "My questions" also changes the question in the shared question pool accordingly.

    • If you create a question directly in the pool, it cannot be edited by the pool's co-owners!
      If you want all co-owners of the pool to be able to edit the questions, you should always create new questions under "My questions" and release them as editable questions in the shared pool (see steps 2.1 - 2.3).

  3. Editing questions in the shared question pool - working with the "status"
    It is possible to give questions a status. This can be helpful for example in the collaboration of student assistant & lecturer.

    • Bring up the corresponding question in your shared pool.

    • Edit the question in the pool according to your wishes.
      Bear in mind that this will also change this question in "My questions".

    • Set a status (at the top) in the question, e.g. "Review", "Final".

    • Display the status in the overview table by configuring it with the gear icon at the top right and selecting "Status".

  4. Questions should not be editable for other users
    You have two options for this:

    • Either proceed as described in 2. but then do not allow editing of the question (see 2.3).

    • If you create questions directly in the shared pool, they are visible and usable for others, but not editable.
      However, co-owners can copy these questions and this copy can then be edited by them.

    • Those who cannot edit the corresponding question will recognise this by the red pencil icon in the "editable" column.

  5. Clean up" shared question pool

    • Questions in the shared pool can only be "removed" - but not deleted.
      Pool owners can also remove questions if they are unable to edit them.

    • If you want to delete a question, you must do this in "My questions". It will then be irrevocably deleted from all lists and pools - including those of co-owners.

    • Open the shared pool to remove a question from there.

    • Select the relevant question and click on "Remove".

    • If the question was not editable for you - this question is onlyavailable for the author in "My questions".
      If the question was editable for you, then the question is only available in "My questions" for you if you have changed the question once and thus saved it for yourself.

Problems or questions?