Before the lecture

HVIDEO 10-10

What you need to know

To stream yourself, your laptop screen and sound to an alfaview room, you need to start the streaming PC, connect your laptop to the available HDMI cable, put on the lapel microphone and log in to an alfaview room that is free for you on the streaming PC.

What you have to do

  1. Communicate to your participants the alfaview room you plan to use in plenty of time before the start of the lecture.

    • Participants must use a headset to avoid sound interference.

  2. Start streaming-PC

    • The PC starts. A browser window opens automatically with the login page for the alfaview room overview.

  3. Connect the laptop to the existing HDMI port.

    • Set up your laptop to transmit its image to an external output, as if you were connecting your laptop to a projector.

  4. Remove the microphone from the charging cradle.

    • The microphone is switched on and ready for operation as soon as it is removed from the charging cradle.

      It switches off automatically as soon as it is placed back in the charging cradle.

  5. On the streaming PC, log in with your HFU account in the browser window that is already open to access the Alfaview rooms.

    • The familiar alfaview room overview appears in the browser.

  6. Select the alfaview room communicated to the students.

    • Accept the normal usage instructions which appear during the alfaview start-up.

    • alfaview starts in the room you selected.

      Your laptop image, as well as the camera image, will be visible in alfaview.

  7. Activate the microphone within alfaview by clicking on the microphone icon at the top of the screen.

    • The icon will turn blue.

  8. To transfer your monitor screen, enable screen sharing within alfaview by clicking the screen sharing icon at the top of the screen and selecting "Enable Second Camera".

  9. If you want to use the chat, you should show the chat window by clicking on the chat icon in the upper right corner of alfaview.

    • The chat window will be visible on the right edge of alfaview window.

Problems or questions?