Lecture hall video streaming

In some lecture halls (see right) special video transmission technology is available.

This gives you the possibility to transmit both yourself and the screen of your laptop together with sound to an External link opens in a new window:alfaview room during a lecture.

You must have an HFU account to use alfaview in this setting.

The following helpcards are valid for the rooms:
  • FU-G0.04
  • FU-H0.05
  • FU-L1.06
  • FU-O1.04
  • FU-O1.05
  • TUT-A1.01
  • TUT-A3.01
  • TUT-A3.02
  • TUT-B1.02
  • TUT-B2.02
  • TUT-BE.04
  • VS-A0.0x
  • VS-F0.0x
  • VS-F1.0x
  • VS-F2.0x
  • VS-H0.0x
  • VS-H1.0x