Using an eKlausur@HFU Master


What you need to know

In order to conduct an eKlausur@HFU, you need a "Test" and a "Course" (eKlausur@HFU master course) learning resource which you embed in the created test. The course with the test will later be transferred to the examination system by the staff of the Learning Services Department. This master course will also provide you with the results after the exam.

What you have to do

  1. Select the link to the appropriate copy template (master course):
    Master course in German
    External link opens in a new window:Master course in English

  2. Copy the course by clicking on "Copy" under "Administration" in the upper left corner.
    Name the course with your exam date using the following scheme:
    [instructor]_[comprehensible abbreviation for course name]_[yyyy]_[mm]_[dd]_EKLK.
    Example: Meyer_BWL_2018 _07_14_EKLK

    • Do not use umlauts and avoid all other special characters except (),/ \,-_. Leave the "Execution Period" setting at "None".

  3. Open the course editor at the top via "Administration" and then "Course editor".

  4. To rename the course element, enter the title that is displayed in the course in the "Title" field. If necessary, abbreviate the title in the "Title in course menu" field.
    "Save" your entries.

    • The "Title in course menu" is displayed on the left side of the structure. Since the structure is fixed to a certain width, a maximum of 25 characters is recommended.

    • Under "Insert additional information" you can enter e.g. learning objectives and instructions for learners.

  5. In the course structure (left), click on the "To exam" element and there on the "Test configuration" tab.

  6. In the "Test" area click the "Choose, create or import" button.

    • The "Search for referencable learning resources" popup appears and all your tests are shown.

  7. Select the desired test.

    • When using questions of the type "Free text", "Draw" or "Upload file", a message follows that these questions must be evaluated manually.

    • The name of the test appears in the "Test" area after "Selected file".

    • Do NOT change the remaining preset settings in the "Test Configuration" tab!

    • The option "Show max. points for question" in the tab "Options" is preset. If you do not want to inform the students about the maximum points of a question, then you must deactivate this option.

    • The option "Question title" in the tab "Options" is deactivated by default to prevent copying. If you want students to see the question titles, for example because you are referencing questions among each other (if you have not randomised), you must activate this.

    • In the course and in the test, leave the status at "Preparation" and also under "Administration" --> "Settings" in the "Sharing" tab, leave the setting at "Private" so that the course is neither visible nor accessible to third parties.

  8. Exit the course editor by clicking on the red cross (top right) and select the "Yes, automatically" option.
    You can then start the test in the "Preview" tab.

  9. If necessary, enter other persons who should have access to the master or later to the exam results as co-owners.

    • Click on "Members management" at the top under "Administration" and then on the "Add member" button at the top. Search for the corresponding person and enter him/her as "Owner" in the master course as well.

  10. Send Learning Services your exam data via the pre-configured email form in the master course at least 5 days before the exam is to be held. You will find this form ("eKlausurMaster ready") on the left under "Email templates". Fill it with the appropriate information and click on "Send".

    • Once Learning Services receives this email, you will no longer be able to make changes to the test or exam grid.

    • You can only send the email in the course view, not in the course editor.

  11. Make a copy of your exam test, which you then have as a paper version in case of an emergency (e.g. network failure, power outage).

    • To do this, open the "Course editor" again under "Administration" and click on the "Test configuration" tab within your exam test ("To exam").

    • Under "Selected file", click "Edit".

    • You are in the test editor.

    • Then click "Export as Word file" in the upper left corner under "Export".

    • Save the zip folder to your PC.

    • Right-click the Zip folder and select "Extract all".

    • In the window that opens, you can again select a location for the unzipped files or leave the default (folder will be unzipped to the previously selected location).

    • Open the Word file (without the extension "_responses" !) and print it in case of an emergency.

    • To leave the view: close the test editor by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner. Then click on the red cross at the top right again to return to the course editor. Exit the course editor by clicking on the red cross at the top right.

Problems or questions?