Online examinations

On this page you will find instructions for preparing and taking online exams as well as eKlausuren@hfu.

Distance examinations at HFU are possible in the following forms: oral examinations, eKlausuren@Home and course projects/take-home exams.
To conduct all online exams, you need a declaration of consent from the examinees. You can collect this with the help of our exam masters (=copy template), which are preconfigured for the respective type of exam.
With an eKlausur@home, technically you conduct your exam as a FELIX test; with a take-home exam, a task element (= task is downloaded and submitted to FELIX) is stored in the course master. Further information about the different types of exams can be found in FELIX in our Online Examinations Guide.

Please note:
Do not collect the exam points in FELIX in your existing course. This can lead to unexpected and undesired side effects in many places, e.g. written exam is already available before or after the exam time or students see the results directly after the exam.

You can only carry out an online exam according to our process if you use our exam masters (=copy templates) with all described presettings (configurations). Also only then we can double-check your exam course, support you in case of questions, and intervene quickly in case of an emergency.

Further help
External link opens in a new window:FAQ section (answers to common questions with problems before and during an online exam)
External link opens in a new window:Video clips for lecturers on the subject of "online examinations"
Explanatory videos for students on preparing for and taking "Online examinations"

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