Starting an eKlausur@HFU


What you need to know

This Helpcard deals exclusively with how to run an e-exam in the pool rooms.
Information on planning, set up and organisation can be found on Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:50-010.

Important: Students can only take part in the e-exam if they know their HFU account (username and password).

What you have to do

  1. Prepare the room in good time.

  2. Allow students into the examination room from approximately 15 minutes before the start.

  3. Have the students start the computers. Students must then log in directly to the computer using their HFU account.

    • Then Mozilla Firefox opens automatically and the start page of the exam FELIX opens. This may take a few minutes.

    • If Firefox does not start automatically, have students open Firefox and enter the following URL:

  4. Prompt students to follow steps 2 to 7 of the instructions in the pools.

    • Log in with HFU account.

    • Select exam.

    • Click on "Book course/booking".

  5. When all students are ready, announce the access code which you have received from the Learning Services Department via email.

  6. When all students see the start button in front of them, give the start signal for the exam.

  7. If a student accidentally logs out or closes the browser, follow these steps:

    • Open e-exam portal in Firefox browser:

    • Log in again with HFU account and start exam again.

    • Answers saved by the student up to this point will be retained.

  8. If a computer fails, proceed as follows:

    • Change places.

    • If necessary, open the e-exam portal in the Firefox browser:

    • Log in again with HFU account and start exam again.

    • Answers saved by the student up to this point will be retained.

  9. In all other cases, call the e-exam hotline: (07723 - 920) 1382
    or contact the Learning Services team directly.

  10. To exit the exam, students must press the exit button in the upper right corner.

  11. Important: please ensure students log out of the FELIX exam and shut down the computer or at least log off.

  12. If you wish to start a second run, contact Learning Services immediately for a restart of the systems.

  13. Before leaving the room or starting a new run, please check if all students have actually logged out.

  14. Before leaving the room, please check that all windows are closed and that anything brought by students has been taken or disposed of.
    Please ensure all doors to the pool are locked.

  15. Contact Learning Services (via ticket, email, or phone) with a request to provide you with the results of your e-exam. If students needed replacement accounts, please send the completed and scanned document with the replacement accounts to Learning Services immediately after the exam.

Problems or questions?