Locking a session, exporting data and archiving a session

TWEED 10-050

What you need to know

After a session, you can lock it, export data, and also archive the session.
Note: A locked session can still be read by anyone who knows the URL (or QR code). You should therefore hide the quiz questions again after publishing the results and disable the Chatwall.

What you have to do

  1. To lock a session, click the "Session" item in the menu on the right.

    • When using the quiz function, first check whether you have "hidden" any published quiz questions.
      When using the Chatwall function, first check whether the chatwall should continue to be accessed for reading (e.g. in order to answer questions afterwards for everyone).

    • Lock the session by clicking on the "Lock session" button.

    • No more changes can be made, but the session can be accessed in read-only mode.

    • A locked session is marked with a lock in your overview and can be reopened at any time.

  2. Export the data of the Quiz, Chatwall and Survey functions in the "Session" area as well.

    • In the "Export data" area, select the function used.

    • Export a CSV file.

  3. Archive any sessions you no longer need to maintain a good overview in your profile.

    • To do so, click on your username in the upper right corner.

    • Your profile with the session overview opens.

    • Click on "Archive" in the three-dot menu beside the desired session.

    • The archived session disappears from the session overview, but can still be found via the "Archive" (left) and can also be restored there.

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