Setting up alfaview

AVIEW 10-010

What you need to know

If you are using alfaview for the first time, you need to install the appropriate client on your operating system.

You need a computer with Windows 7 or newer (64bit only), macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer, Linux, iOS or Android (beta version available) to use alfaview.

You will also need (if not built-in) a working image and sound recording source: e.g. microphone & speakers or headset, and a webcam. (alfaview recommends using a headset).

What you have to do

  1. Download the appropriate client for your operating system.

    • If you already have a link to an existing conference room, you can install it using this link. (Example for a conference room link:
      If you do not yet have a link to an existing conference room, you can alternatively download and install the client manually for your operating system on the alfaview Downloads page.

    • Call up a link to an existing conference room via a browser of your choice.

    • The login screen for the conference room appears.

    • Click on the "download alfaview" link below the input mask.

    • In the window that appears, click on "download" again.

    • The download of the setup file starts automatically.

  2. Install the client by double-clicking the setup file.

    • The setup wizard shows that the installation has been completed successfully and you can finish the setup by clicking on "Finish".

    • If you have problems with the installation of the alfaview Client, please check the following points:

      > Do you meet the required system requirements?
      > Is your graphic card driver up-to-date? Compare your installed one with the latest version on the corresponding manufacturer's site:

  3. Call up the conference room over the "digital campus" at Alternatively, you can open an existing room link over the browser. Log in with your HFU account.

    • When you have logged in, the login screen for the conference room appears.

    • To enter an online lecture room, please always use the conference room link. The client will then start automatically and you do not need to start it in advance. It is not possible to enter an online lecture room by starting the client manually.

  4. Enter your HFU user name in the input field and click on "Enter".

    • A window to confirm the "Usage Guidelines and Data Protection Policy" will be displayed.

  5. Read and accept the Usage Guidelines and Data Protection Policy. Click "Enter" to continue.
    Note: If you double click on "Enter", the room entry option will open in the background. Look for the alfaview icon in your taskbar and click on it to continue.

    • The system will respond "alfaview is started".

    • The browser will ask you if you want to open the "alfaview" client.

  6. Confirm access to the "alfaview" client.

    • The previously installed "alfaview" application opens.

    • The message "You are about to enter the meeting room" is displayed.

  7. First check your audio by clicking on "Audio settings". Then enter the room by clicking on "Enter room".

    • The conference room opens.

  8. If you have problems starting the alfaview application, you can find hints for problem solving on the FAQ AVIEW-1010 helpcard

    • If you continue to have problems, please contact us over the service desk.

Problems or questions?

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