Remote access to emedia via VPN or Shibboleth

BIB 10-010

What you need to know

As a member of the university you also have remote access to online media, such as ebooks and ejournals, and to the databases of the HFU libraries using your HFU account.

All professors, members of staff and students are members of the university.

There are two ways to gain remote access:

Method 1: Access via VPN
The VPN-Client, which you can install on your device, allows you access to the university network from outside the campus using your HFU account.

Method 2: Access via Shibboleth
Shibboleth is an authentification procedure which enables you to use licensed ebooks and ejournals with your HFU account wherever you are, regardless of the software you are using.

Both methods, which can be used independently from each other to gain remote access, are described below.

What you have to do

  1. You have found an online medium in the BOSS portal on the HFU libraries webpages or in the External link opens in a new window:library catalogue (OPAC).

  2. Now you have two options:
    You can either log into the university IP address over VPN (Step 3), or log in over your HFU account with Shibboleth (Steps 4-5), which works without software.

    • Your HFU account is the account with which you log into webmail or FELIX, for example.

    • Always pay attention to the URL information. Often you have the choice between VPN and Shibboleth, but sometimes only one or the other is possible.

  3. Method 1: Access via VPN

    To install VPN-Client, click on the helpcard below for your operating system and follow the instructions given (in German):

    Set up Cisco AnyConnect with Windows
    Set up Cisco AnyConnect with Mac OS X
    Set up Cisco AnyConnect with Linux
    Set up Cisco AnyConnect with Android
    Set up Cisco AnyConnect with iOS

  4. In company networks, it is often not permitted to install VPN-Client.
    In this case you should use Shibboleth or carry out your research at home.

  5. Method 2: Access via Shibboleth

    To be able to use Shibboleth, select Hochschule Furtwangen from the list of participating institutions in the login menu of the ebook or ejournal platform.

  6. This is what a login mask might look like:

  7. Now enter your authentification with your HFU account and you have access to the full-text version of the selected document.

    • After successfully logging in you have access to the e-media licensed on this platform by the HFU libraries.

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