How do I get news about changes in FELIX courses?


What you need to know

In FELIX be informed about changes in FELIX courses by subscribing to different course elements.
If there are changes in the subscribed elements, you will be informed by email: FELIX collects these notifications for each user individually and sends the collected information to your HFU email address within a defined period of time.

The following blocks can be subscribed to and generate a notification if there are any:

- new forum posts
- submitted (group) tasks
- new files in a folder
- new messages
- new appointments in a calendar
- new contributions in a wiki
- appointments selected by students in the scheduling tool
- new test results in the assessment tool
- new blog entries
- new podcasts

What do you need to do...

1. subscribe to a course element?
2. that you and your students receive notifications from subscriptions in a timely manner?
3. manage subscriptions?
4. turn off unwanted FELIX notifications?

What you have to do

  1. How can you subscribe to a course element?

    • Instructions can be found on Helpcard 20-070 (steps 1 and 2).

    • All users (participants, coaches and owners) can set subscriptions in their course elements.

    • The "Notifications" element is a special case among the course elements. This is automatically subscribed to by the user when clicking on the element.

  2. How can you set the time interval of notifications?

    • Follow the instructions on Helpcard 20-070 (steps 3-6).

  3. How can you manage subscriptions?

    • Click on your profile (top right) and select "Subscriptions".

    • The subscription page opens. You can choose between the "News" and "Subscriptions" tabs.

    • In the "News" tab you can view the notifications in addition to your mail account.

    • In the "Subscriptions" tab you can delete subscriptions. This variant is especially important if you no longer have access to the course and cannot delete subscriptions directly.

  4. You receive unwanted notifications from courses and want to disable this?

    • Message blocks subscribe automatically when you open them. This can create subscriptions that you have not actively set.

    • Delete unwanted subscriptions as described in step 3.

Problems or questions?


Contact us at the following number 07723 920 9585 or log a support request under "Learning Services" at