Staying up-to-date - subscribing to course elements

FELIX 20-070

What you need to know

If you have subscribed to a course element, you will be informed by e-mail to your HFU e-mail address about new features in the respective course element (e.g. new files in folders, new forum entries, new calendar entries, etc.).

FELIX collects these notifications for each user individually and sends the collected information to your HFU email address within a defined period of time.

What do you need to do...

1. subscribe to a course element?
2. that you and your students receive notifications from subscriptions in a timely manner?
3. manage subscriptions (e.g. to turn off unwanted FELIX notifications)?

What you have to do

  1. Subscribe to a course element.

    • Select the course element you want to subscribe to (e.g. a folder in a course).

    • The course element will open.

    • Click "OFF" behind "Modifications" (top right).

    • The icon changes and is now set to "ON".

    • Repeat this process for each course element you want to subscribe to.

    • The "Notifications" element is a special case among the course elements. This is automatically subscribed to by the user when clicking on the element.

  2. How can you set the time interval of notifications?

    • Click on the profile image (top right) and under "Configuration" select "System settings".

    • The settings will open.

    • Click on the "System" tab if it is not preset.

    • Click the drop-down menu at "E-mail notification" and set the desired time interval.

    • "Save" your entry.

    • The new setting for the timing of notifications will be permanently active from the next log-in.

  3. How can you manage subscriptions (e.g. to turn off unwanted FELIX notifications)?

    • Message blocks subscribe automatically when you open them. This can create subscriptions that you have not actively set.

    • Click on your profile (top right) and select "Subscriptions".

    • The subscription page opens. You can choose between the "News" and "Subscriptions" tabs.

    • In the "News" tab you can view the notifications in addition to your mail account.

    • In the "Subscriptions" tab you can delete subscriptions. This variant is especially important if you no longer have access to the course and cannot delete subscriptions directly.

Problems or questions?