Changing the system language

FELIX 00-034

What you need to know

In this Helpcard you will find out how to change the "system language" of FELIX between ​​"German" and "English".

What you have to do

  1. Click on your avatar (top right). 

    • The submenu with the items "Personal Tools" and "Configuration" appears. 

  2. Select "Settings" ("Einstellungen") under "Configuration" ("Konfiguration").

    • The "general system settings" ("Allgemeine Systemeinstellungen") page opens.

  3. Under "Language" ("Sprache") open the drop-down menu.

    • The drop-down menu opens and shows the languages you can select, ​​"German" ("Deutsch") and "English".

  4. Click on the desired language, for example "English", and save it.

    • The system accepts the selected language and closes the drop-down menu.

  5. Log out of FELIX and log in again (to do so, click again on your avatar in the upper right hand corner and then on "Log out").

    • FELIX will now run in the language you have just selected.

Problems or questions?