Editing and submitting a task in FELIX (task element)

FELIX 00-035

What you need to know

In FELIX it is possible for lecturers to distribute tasks or to accept submissions via the task course element.
A task module icon in the course menu looks like this .

Lecturers can configure the task module as required with different process steps.
For example, lecturers can:

- set assignments
- request revisions
- give sample solutions
- provide feedback
- provide a grade

It is possible to subscribe to the element to be informed about feedback posted by a lecturer (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:20-070).

What you have to do

  1. If available, select a task by clicking on "Select" or "Select and edit".

    • The task will be assigned to you and you will receive an email confirmation.

    • The "Select and edit" option opens a new tab with the selected template.

  2. Depending on the configuration, in the "Submission" section you can now ...
    ... upload a document and/or
    ... create a new document (html, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and/or
    ... edit a selected template.

    • When you upload a document, select the appropriate document and click "Save".

    • When you create a document, select the desired file format, assign a title, and click "Create".
      The file opens in a new tab.
      For Office files, automatic saving is pre-set.

    • You can edit an Office template or a document you created in Office format by clicking on the pencil icon to the left of the trash.
      If you see an eye icon there instead of a pencil, the file is in a non-editable format.

    • As a rule, you can upload and delete as many files as you want.
      If you can upload only one file, then the upload was limited by the lecturer.

  3. You must submit the file by clicking "Final submission". Confirm the system message for this.

    • The file cannot be edited afterwards.

    • Depending on the configuration of the course element, the process ends at this point.
      You may also receive feedback and/or a grade.

  4. Your assignment may now be in the "Return and Feedback" phase, and is thus being reviewed by the lecturer.

    • If your task is accepted, feedback may be displayed. You may have to click open the "Return and feedback" step for this.

    • If your task is rejected for editing, this is displayed in the course element. You can repeat step 2 in the "Revision" section and upload a revised file with "Submit revision".

  5. In the Grading section - if available - you may receive a grade such as "Pass" or a personal comment.

  6. Depending on how the task has been configured, you may also be given a sample solution after successful submission (and the Return and Feedback substep, if applicable).

Problems or questions?