Viewing attendance lists

FELIX 00-050

What you need to know

This Helpcard will tell you where to find the overview of your attendance or absences in courses.
Adjunct lecturers can keep digital attendance lists in their FELIX courses.
If adjunct lecturers document attendance or absences via FELIX, you can only view them if the lecturer has completed the processing on the respective course date.

What you have to do

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner.

    • The submenu with the items "Personal Tools" and "Configuration" appears.

  2. Under "Personal Tools" select the item "Absences".

    • The "Daily overview" of the recorded absences opens.

    • If there are no events on this day in which the lecturers use the digital attendance list or in which the lecturers have not yet completed the recording of attendance, the daily overview is empty.

  3. Click the tab "Lectures and absences".

    • The overview of the courses in which the digital attendance list is used opens and you have an overview of how many event dates or lesson blocks ("Lectures") you were present or (excused) absent.

  4. Select one of the courses, then you will get an overview of the attendance or absence by date.

    • If the data is not correct, then contact your lecturer.

Problems or questions?