Organising and copying a learning path course

FELIX 10-007

What you need to know

When creating courses, you can choose between "conventional courses" and learning path courses.

How to organise a learning path course while it is running and how to prepare it for the new semester using the Copy Wizard is explained on this Helpcard.

What you have to do

  1. Intervene individually in the learning path course:
    In the centre of your course view, you will find the "Learning Path" icon as the owner or supervisor. Click on the icon to view the learning progress of your participants and to intervene individually if necessary.

    • An overview of the course participants you have supervised is displayed.

    • If you do not find any participants, check if you have selected a booking method under Administration > Settings > Sharing.

    • By clicking on a user name, you can view the learning progress of an individual participant.

    • You can now intervene individually if necessary.

    • Course elements can be set from "mandatory" to "voluntary" (or vice versa) for individual participants or excluded from the learning path for an individual user.

    • For example, if a participant has missed a deadline, the deadline for an individual participant can be changed in the "To be processed by" column.

  2. Copy learning paths with the Course Copy Wizard (Beta)
    Prepare your courses for the new semester - faster and more efficiently than ever before with the Copy Wizard! With the user-defined copy, you decide whether and if so, what content (e.g. files in folders and assignments) should be copied as well. Adjust "Share" and "To edit by" dates at a glance.

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