Simulating participant and coach view (in-course user role change)

FELIX 10-021

What you need to know

By accessing the course as a coach or participant, you can simulate the coach and/or participant view in both conventional and learning path courses.

Note, however, that the different user roles are combined (for more on member roles in FELIX, see Helpcard 20-030):
- As a participant your view as a group participant is also displayed if you are also a group participant.
- As a coach there may be some overlap between the roles of course and group coach.

You must therefore assign yourself exactly the role that you want to check.

Please note: If you have created groups, you are automatically the group supervisor. When you switch to the "Supervisor" view, the view is displayed to you as the group supervisor of all groups. Accordingly, you must unsubscribe from the groups as a supervisor whose view you do not want to check.

- In combination with attribute-dependent settings in the visibility/access of a module, the in-course user role change can only be used if your account is also linked to the desired attribute.

What you have to do

  1. Assign yourself in the members management the desired role in which you would like to simulate the course view.

    • Click on "Administration" and bring up the Members management.

    • Check the box in front of your name and click "Edit" above the table.

    • Select the desired user role.

    • Keep the owner enabled so you don't lose access to your course!

    • Confirm with "OK" and click on "No" for the option to send emails.

  2. Go back to the course view (for example, top left via the green highlighted title of the course).

  3. If you want to check another user role, repeat step 1.

Problems or questions?