Publishing course (status), selecting access method, and cataloging

FELIX 10-030

What you need to know

(1) Publish course (status)
After you have created a new course, it is initially only visible to you (status: Preparation). When you have finished preparing and you want to publish the course, you must change the status of the course to "Published".

Then change the following settings of your course:

(2) Select current semester
Select the current semester to display in the catalog when your course takes place.

(3) Select access method
Select an access method (Private/Bookable/Open).

(4) Catalog course
Catalog your course to make it easier for your students to find.

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What you have to do

  1. Publish course: in your course, above Status, select "Published".

  2. Select current semester.

    • Under "Administration", select the "Settings" option.

    • The settings open.

    • Click in the tab "Execution" and then on "Semester". Then select the current semester and save.

  3. Select access method: now click on the "Share" tab.

    • You can choose from the following access methods:
      Private = Manual entry of course users via Member management.
      Bookable = The course is "bookable" by the students themselves.
      Open = The course is freely available without booking.

      Use the decision tree to find the access method that suits you best.

    • Select the "Open Without Booking" access method if the course must be accessible to guests (people without an HFU account). Then also activate the option "Allow for guest users", which will only appear after this access method has been selected.

    • Select the "open" access method if your course has a limited number of participants, if you have a waiting list or if you want to configure group-dependent modules in your course. Then you have to add an enrollment to the course (see Helpcard 30-010).

    • Select the "Bookable" option under "Access for members of the organisation".

    • Click on the "Add booking method" button and select the "Access code" or "Freely available" option."

    • Additionally, for both options you can select a time period for which the booking method is active:

    • To complete the selected booking method, click "Create" and "Save".

    • If a booking method with access code has been selected, you must provide your students with the access code.

  4. Catalog: Select the "Catalog" tab.


    • The catalog section opens.

    • Click the "Add to catalog" button.

    • The catalog structure opens.

    • Select the desired location and confirm with "OK".

    • The catalog entry is displayed at the bottom and can also be removed there.

    • Repeat the process for another catalog entry.

    • Close Administration with the red cross (top right).

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