Terms of use and Privacy Policy

FELIX 10-035

What you need to know

Terms of use and a Privacy policy can be defined for a FELIX course in the course settings. Every course user has to confirm these once, even if he was already enrolled in the course before, in order to access the course.

What you have to do

  1. Open the settings under "Administration" (top left).

    • The settings open.

  2. Click on the "Disclaimer" tab.

    • You can now insert course-related terms of use or a privacy policy.

  3. Activate the Terms of use and/or Privacy policy by clicking the checkbox in front of "Enabled".

  4. You can then define course-related terms of use and a course-related privacy policy.
    Likewise, you can edit the "I accept" checkboxes or add another checkbox.
    Then save your entries.

    • The settings have been saved. You can close them by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.

    • You yourself will be asked to agree to the terms of use and/or privacy policy when you bring up the course again (log in may be required again).

  5. All users of your course, even if they are already booked/enrolled in your course, must confirm the activated terms of use and/or privacy policy once the next time they enter the course.
    To obtain an overview of consents already granted, call up "Members management" under "Administration". In the "Consents" section (left) you will find a tabular overview.

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