Members management

FELIX 20-020

What you need to know

Within the Members management of a course you can view and manage the members list, create, edit and delete groups, and assign different rights to different groups. If you use a booking method (see Helpcard 10-030), you can also view the list of bookings here.
Perhaps our video clip (in German only) will also be helpful?

What you have to do

  1. In your course, click on "Members management" under "Administration".

    • The Members management opens.

    • In the menu on the left you can view and manage the members, groups, bookings, rights (rights groups see Helpcard 20-040) and consents of the course. If you have set terms of use or a privacy policy in the course, you will also find the menu item "Consent".

  2. Select "Members" from the menu on the left.

    • A list of all members is displayed.

    • Above the list you can choose which member roles you want to view (All, Owners, Coaches, Participants or the Waiting List). You can also find more information about the member roles on Helpcard 20-030.

  3. Add new members by clicking on "Add member" (top right).

    • The "Add member" window opens.

  4. Select the "Person search" option to search for a single person, e.g. by surname.
    If you have the email addresses or user names (.hfu) of the people in question, you can use the "Bulk search" option to import several people at the same time.

    Person search
    1. For example, enter the surname of the person in question in the "Quick Search" field.

    2. All persons with this name will be displayed.

    Bulk search
    1. Enter the list of email addresses or user names in the relevant field and click on "Next".

    2. List the email address or the user name one below the other. You do not need a separator between the lines.

  5. Check the data, check the box in front of the desired person if there are several alternatives and click on "Next". Confirm the check with "Next" as well.

  6. Select the respective member rights in the course (above), or the group membership in a group linked to the course (below), and click "Next". (For information on member roles, see Helpcard 20-030).

  7. If you wish, disable email notification and click "Finish".

    • The person(s) has/have been added to the list.

    • If you place a tick in front of the name(s) of the person(s) in the list of participants, you can "Edit", "Remove" or notify them by email (see Helpcard 20-050).
      If you want to select all participants, check the box in the table header (in front of User name) or select all available rows.

Problems or questions?