Rights groups

FELIX 20-040

What you need to know

To extend the rights of regular roles ((group) coaches, (group) participants), so-called rights groups can be set up and the participants entered there can be given the desired rights. For example, a "Tutors" group can be given the right to edit the Members management.

What you have to do

  1. In your course, under "Administration", click on "Members management".

    • The Members management will open.

  2. Select "Groups" from the menu on the left.

    • A list of all groups in the course is displayed.

    • To avoid confusion, create a new group for the rights group and give it a unique name (e.g. "Tutors").

  3. To do this, click the "Create group" button on the right.

    • The "Create new group" window will open.

  4. Give the group a helpful name and click "Finish".

    • The new group will open.

  5. Close the group by clicking the cross (top right).

    • The new group will be displayed in the group list.

  6. Select "Rights" from the menu on the left.

    • A list of all course groups and their respective rights are displayed.

    • The rights you can assign is shown in the header of the table (above) (e.g. group administration, course editor).

  7. Locate the group you have created and check the appropriate permissions for coaches and/or participants and save your entry.

  8. Select "Members" in the menu on the left to add the participants to the new group.

    • The list of all members will open.

    • If the desired persons are not yet course members, add them as members (see Helpcard 20-020).

  9. Find the appropriate people in the list of members and click on the name.

    • To add multiple people to the group, check the box in front of each name and click "Edit" at the top.

    • The "Edit member" window opens.

  10. Select the respective rights group in the "Group memberships" list and tick the corresponding role, confirm your entry with "OK" and decide whether you want to send an email notification or not.

  11. Close the Members management with a click on the cross (top right).

Problems or questions?