Sending an email to participants via Members management

FELIX 20-050

What you need to know

Communication with participants:
With the Members management you can communicate via email with one or more course or group participants. The email is sent to the email address of the user account.

Students automatically become course participants as soon as they book the course (see Helpcard  10-030).
Students become group participants by enrolling in the course (see Helpcard 30-010).
You as the course owner can manually enter and manage persons as course/group participants directly via Members management (see Helpcard 20-020).

To send emails to all course/group participants on a regular basis, the email module also offers a suitable alternative (see Helpcard 20-060).

What you have to do

  1. In your course, under "Administration" click on "Members management".

    • The Members management will open.

    • Here you will find a list of all course members under "All" regardless of their role, or divided by role under the tabs "Owner", "Coach" and "Participant".

  2. Select the persons to whom you would like to send an email on the left in front of the user name.

    • To select all course members, place a check mark in the table header (in front of the first column) or select all available rows.

  3. Click the "Email" button (below the table) after you have selected the recipients.

    • The email form will open.

  4. Enter a subject and the message, and add a file attachment if required.

    • Emails sent from the learning platform will not be stored there and the learning platform will be marked as sender. Therefore, choose a unique subject line that identifies the email as belonging to this course (e.g. Subject: Course title) and check the "Copy to sender" box to be able to save the email in your mailbox.

  5. Click on "Send".

    • The email will be sent immediately.

Problems or questions?