Assessment tool

FELIX 20-080

What you need to know

FELIX enables individual or group-specific assessment via the assessment tool. This works in connection with certain course elements (test, task, assessment) and registered course or group participants (see Helpcard 10-030 or 30-010).
Assessment is possible in the form of points, pass/fail and by means of individual feedback. The given assessment can only be seen by the respective user.

What you have to do

  1. In your course, under "Administration", click "Assessment tool".

    • The assessment tool will open. You are on the overview page.

    • The "Overview" offers
      - access to the assessable course elements (left)
      - quick access to participants and any existing groups.
      - an overview of open assessments, i.e. assessments that still have to be corrected, and assessments that have to be released for visibility.
      - a notification service (bottom left)
      - a bulk assessment option (assessment of several participants/ top right).

  2. You have two options to assess course elements:

    • Select the course name on the left (cube symbol) or click on "X participants" in the middle of the overview under Participants. You may have to switch from the "Overview" tab to the "Participants" tab.

    • You have all students available for selection and can click on a name to call up and assess all the student's course elements in an overview.

    • You select (on the left) a course element to be assessed and have a choice of all students.

    • By clicking on a name, you can assess an individual student in the selected course element.

    • With the filter options above the table you can filter both procedures, e.g. according to a certain group.

  3. Choose one of the above options and select a course element or click on a student.

    • The detailed view of the assessment opens.

    • Depending on the course element, you can view the set task here and retrieve the submitted files or select the test results.
      With the "Assessment" course element, you can assess an assignment which is not connected to another course element.

  4. Enter the appropriate grade.

    • The type of assessment (points, pass/fail or feedback) is configured for the respective course element in the course editor.

  5. You can select "Intermediate save" or "Finalize assessment".

    • When saving temporarily, the assessment is only visible to students if you select "Intermediate save and release".

    • A completed assessment is usually immediately visible to the course participant for viewing. If you do not want this, click the drop-down menu and select the crossed-out eye icon for "Not shared".

    • With the "Reopen assessment" button you can still make changes to the assessment afterwards.

  6. Close the Assessment tool by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.

    • Students can view the assessment in the course view via the respective course element.

    • Please bear in mind that 90 days after a student's de-registration, his or her data will be deleted from FELIX in accordance with the data protection regulations (DSGVO). We recommend you archive exam-relevant data directly after the end of the semester. To do so, click on "Archive tool" under "Administration" in your course and select the relevant course element. Download the zip file provided.

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