Inserting a structure element

FELIX 30-020

What you need to know

A structure element helps to structure your course.

In addition,  all subordinate elements will "inherit" the access and visibility restriction settings, and if entered in the settings, an overview of the subordinate elements will be generated.

What you have to do

  1. In your course, click on "Course editor" under "Administration" (top left).

    • The course editor will open.

  2. In the course structure (left), activate the course element under which the new element is to be inserted. Under "Insert course elements" (above), select the element "Structure". You will find it under the first category "Knowledge transfer". Alternatively, you can use the "Quick-Add" search function.

    • You can also move the element later by dragging and dropping.

  3. To rename the course element, in the "Title" field enter the title you want to be displayed in the course. If necessary, abbreviate the title in the "Title in course menu" field. "Save" your entries.

    • The "Title in course menu" will be displayed in the menu on the left. Since the menu has a fixed width, a maximum of 25 characters is recommended.

    • Under "Insert additional information" below, you can enter, for example, learning objectives and instructions for learners.

    • Under "Visibility" and "Access" you can regulate the visibility and access to the element if required, e.g. depending on the group or date (see Helpcard 30-002).

      Access to the "Structure" element can also be protected with a password. The security or access restriction settings then also apply to all the other elements subordinate to the "Structure".

    • Under "Overview" you can determine the layout of the element in the course view (e.g. overview of all subordinate elements with preview or a self-created HTML page).

    • Under "Points" you have the option of displaying or adding up points from assessable course elements and/or indicating a pass or fail.

      If the points calculation is activated under "Points", you can set a (possibly anonymized) HighScore under "HighScore" for motivation purposes.

  4. Click the red cross (top right) to close the course editor. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • The "Structure" element and the overview settings will not be displayed in the course view until it has been published.

Problems or questions?