Inserting a links list

FELIX 30-130

What you need to know

With the help of the links list you can offer links of all kinds in a list, e.g. links to licensed literature provided by the library. You can find more information about researching e-books here.

Each link can be given a name and a short summary or description can be added.

What you have to do

  1. In your course, click on "Course editor" under "Administration" (top left).

    • The course editor will open.

  2. In the course structure (left), activate the element under which the new element is to be inserted.
    Under "Insert course elements" (above), select the "Link list" element. You will find this in the category "Other". Alternatively, you can use the "Quick-Add" search function.

    • You can also move the element later by dragging and dropping.

  3. To rename the course element, in the "Title" field enter the title you want to be displayed in the course. If necessary, abbreviate the title in the "Title in course menu" field. "Save" your entries.

    • The "Title in course menu" will be displayed in the menu on the left. Since the menu has a fixed width, a maximum of 25 characters is recommended.

    • Under "Insert additional information" below, you can enter, for example, learning objectives and instructions for learners.

  4. Click on "Configuration" and enter the URL and the title of the respective link (e.g. the book title).
    Choose whether the new page should be opened in the same window or a new window.

    • If necessary, enter a brief description so that students can get an idea of the web page.

  5. Click the red cross (top right) to close the course editor. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • The new element is not displayed in the course view until it has been published.

  6. Select the new element in the course view.

    • The posted links are in colour and open with a click on the linked title.

Problems or questions?