Making corrections in an included test (e.g., if the questions are wrong)

FELIX 40-135

What you need to know

You have created a test and included it in a course, but you find errors (spelling, scoring) that you would like to correct.
Depending on the scenario, you have several options to correct the errors:

The test has not yet been taken. (Step 1-3 below)
The test has been performed - a message appears. (Step 1,2 & 4 below)

Furthermore, there are options to communicate problems during a running test
Communication during a running test (Step 5 below)

You want to consider a faulty scoring not only for future tests, but also for a completed test:
Correct scoring in a completed test. (Step 6 below)

What you have to do

  1. In your course, click on "Course editor" under "Administration" (top left) and bring up the corresponding test course element.

  2. Click on the Test configuration tab and select "Edit" there.
    In the test, click on the Administration (top left) and then on "Edit content".

  3. The test has not yet been taken and you do not receive a restricted editing message.
    (A) Editing the test and questions is possible, then edit the test or question(s) as desired.
    (B) Editing of the questions is not possible, then your questions were generated in the question pool.
    In case (B), use one of the two alternatives described below.

    • Since the test is a learning resource, the changes will also be applied to other courses - where the test may be included (and not yet taken).

    • Alternative 1:
      Delete a set question by clicking on the corresponding button on the right. Confirm the deletion process with "Yes".
      Add corrected or additional questions from your pool ("My questions", "My lists" or "My shares") under "Add items" with "Import questions from pool". Tick the respective question(s) and click "Select".

    • If you cannot find the corresponding question(s) under "My Shares", you probably lack the rights to a shared question pool. If necessary, contact the corresponding pool owner or contact person.

    • The selected question will be inserted. Move it to the right place if necessary.

    • Alternative 2:
      Select the question you want to change in the test and click on the "Question Pool" tab and on "Create and Edit Copy".
      Correct the question and save your entry.

    • This decouples the question from the pool question. You should only select this option if you only want to change the question for this particular test, but the question in the pool should remain unchanged.

    • After correcting the question(s), close the test by clicking on the red cross at the top right. You will now be taken to the test preview, which you can also close by clicking on the red cross at the top right.
      You are now back in the course editor, which you can also exit by clicking on the red cross at the top right.

  4. If a test has already been carried out, for fairness reasons it is not editable (A) or, if necessary, only editable in the question text (B) - the message "The resource is already used for evaluation. Editing is limited."
    As a rule, you will then have to make a copy of the test and include this new one.
    Proceed as described in this step.

    • The editing options for a test which has been carried out differ depending on whether the test was generated with questions from the question pool (A) or not (B).

    • (A) The test is not editable - you must create a copy of the test or recreate the test from the question pool.

    • (B) The test is editable (to a limited extent).
      If the test was not created from the question pool, you can change the question and answer text but not the scoring.
      For the latter you have to copy the test.

    • To copy a test, carry out steps 1 and 2 of this Helpcard and then click "Administration" in the top left corner of the test and click "Copy" there.

    • Give the test a new name (possibly a version number) to distinguish it and confirm with "Copy".

    • The test is copied. You are in the settings of the copied test.

  5. Communication during a running test
    In FELIX you can, for example, inform the participants via chat or an info message if errors are detected during a running test (see Helpcard Online Exam 20-015).

  6. Correcting scoring in a completed test
    You want to correct an incorrect scoring in a test that has already been completed:

    • You can set the points for a question for all participants, but only a maximum of as many as you have previously specified. To do this, note for...
      ... FELIX tests the Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:40-140, especially step 5
      ... eKlausur@home the Helpcard online exam 20-110

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