Making changes to an integrated form

FELIX 40-215

What you need to know

The "Form" as a learning resource is independent and can be integrated into several courses.
Within the course, the form can be integrated with different functions either via the "Survey" course element (anonymous), the "Form" course element (not anonymous) or the "Assessment" course element (can be completed by the course owner as feedback to participants).
Further information and application scenarios can be found in our External link opens in a new window:Demo course in FELIX.

Now you want to make corrections within the integrated form or change the form for a new run.
To do this, you can either open the "Form" learning resource directly via your authoring area or via the course and the respective module in which it is integrated:
- To do this, open the course editor of the relevant course under Administration.
- Select the relevant course element.
- Click on "Edit" in the "Form" or "Survey" tab; click on "Change" for "Assessment".

You can make certain corrections (e.g. spelling mistakes) at any time via the administration of the learning resource "Form" > Edit content, regardless of whether the course has been started.

For reasons of equal opportunities, deleting or adding questions is only possible if no data is saved on the "Form" learning resource. A corresponding system message appears.

Depending on the scenario, you have various options for changing the form:

The form was only used for a test run. The data can be reset without data loss (step 1).
The form has been used in a "real test". The "Form" learning resource should be copied to prevent data loss. It must then be integrated into the course or a corresponding module again (step 2).

What you have to do

  1. The form was only used for a test run.
    In this case, it is usually sufficient to delete the data of the test run from the course element.
    To do this, open the survey, form or assessment element in the course view.
    Delete data from a test run....
    ... for the "Form" and "Assessment" modules by clicking on "Reset all data"
    ... for the "Survey" module, click on the three-dot menu (top right) and then on "Reset".

    • The learning resource is still not editable?
      Please note that the learning resource "Form" can also be integrated into several courses as the module "Survey" / "Form" / "Assessment".
      If you only delete the data in one course, data can still be stored on the learning resource.
      In this case, continue with the next step.

    • Only delete the data if you no longer need it. Data that you are not sure about can be exported as follows:
      - For the "Form" element with the "Arrow down symbol" (Download Excel list).
      - For the "Survey" element with "Export Excel" or "Export PDF"
      - For the "Assessment" element via "Statistics" > "Show questions" with the "Down arrow symbol" (download Excel list)

  2. The form was used in a "real test" - a message appears.
    We recommend making a copy of the learning resource and reintegrating it.

    • Click on the "Form" or "Survey" tab and select "Edit". On the "Assessment" tab, click on "Change".

    • Click on the Form or Survey tab and select "Edit" there. Click on "Change" in the " Assessment" tab.

    • Click on  Administration of the learning resource (top left) and there on "Copy".

    • Give the new learning resource a new name (e.g. work with version numbers such as V1, V2) and click "Copy".

    • The learning resource will be copied.

    • Click on Administration in the upper left corner and there on "Edit content".

    • You can now change or insert the desired questions (e.g. by clicking on "Insert content").

    • Exit the editing mode of the learning resource by clicking on the red cross (top right).

    • Bring up the course in which you had previously included the survey, again.

    • If you are not in the course editor, bring up the course editor under Administration in the upper left corner.

    • Click on the previous survey, the previous form or the previous assessment.

    • Title & Description tab:
      If you have not already done so, give the module a title (e.g. SoSe24) so that you can later identify which survey, form, assessment it was.

    • Visibility tab:
      If the survey, form or assessment has already expired but you do not want to delete it yet, you can make it invisible by clicking on "blocked for learners".

    • On the right side of the three-dot menu you can duplicate the course element.

    • Rename the element and click on the arrow as well as on "Insert course element".

    • Move the block to the right place using drag & drop.

    • The block will be copied with all its configurations.

    • Click on the "Form", "Survey" or "Assessment" tab and select the current version of the "Form" learning resource via "Replace".

    • Exit the course editor by clicking on the red cross (top right). Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

Problems or questions?