Archiving test/self-test data

FELIX 50-030

What you need to know

The user profiles of students will be removed from FELIX 90 days after their de-registration. As a result, all user data stored in FELIX will also be deleted in accordance with the DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation). If applicable, this also includes exam-relevant data that are subject to a special archiving requirements (e.g. submissions in assignment course elements). Therefore, you should definitely archive these from the relevant FELIX courses.

Make sure that all participants have completed their tests and, if applicable, that free-text questions and other question types that cannot be evaluated automatically have been corrected and scored accordingly (see Helpcard 40-140).

What you have to do

  1. Click on "Administration" and "Archive tool".

    • The "Archive tool" will open.

  2. Under "Archiving" (left), select "Tests".

    • All test course elements that are in the course are listed with the element title.

    • This overview does not show which elements contain data and which do not!

    • With "Configure download options" you can select or deselect additional columns in the Excel spreadsheet.

  3. Start archiving by clicking on "Archive" in front of the test element to be archived.

    • A zip file is downloaded or made available for download.

  4. Unzip the zip file.

    • The zip file contains an Excel file and a "Results" folder.

    • The Excel table contains the results of all participants by rows. The questions with the respective answer alternatives can be found in the columns of the table.

      In the "Results" folder you will find an "index" html-file with which you can view the student data and the submitted files individually.

Problems or questions?