Creating subtitles and adding them in the Media Portal

MEPO 10-080

For Use

The media portal is still online. However, it is currently not possible to log in to the media portal. Please contact FELIX support (

What you need to know

You can...

... create subtitles outside the Media Portal and add them to an uploaded video in the Media Portal (steps 3-10).
... prepare subtitles created with Rapidmooc and add them to an uploaded video in the Media Portal (steps 2, 5-10).

Tip: If you have produced a video with Rapidmooc and used prompter text there, you already have a file with a timestamp.

What you have to do

  1. If you have a .vtt file that you exported after making a Rapidmooc recording, go through step 2.
    If you want to create a new file for your subtitles, skip step 2 and go through steps 3 and 4.

  2. Open the .vtt file you exported when you recorded in Rapidmooc by right-clicking on "Open" or "Open With" and then selecting "Editor" in Windows.

    • In the .vtt file you must now add WEBVTT FILE and then insert two blank lines.

    • Then you have to replace the "," in the timestamps with a ".". The fastest way to do this is to mark a "comma" and then click on "Edit". There you bring up "Replace". At "Replace with" add a period (.)
      Replace all commas in the timestamps with periods.

    • Add a blank line after each line of text.

    • To save, skip to step 5.

  3. To create a new .vtt file, bring up the "Editor" in Windows.

  4. Type WEBVTT FILE and insert two blank lines.

    Then enter your subtitles as follows:
    00:00:03.500 --> 00:00:05.000
    Subtitle example

    00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:09.000
    here the subtitle continues

    • The individual time periods must not overlap.

  5. Save the file as follows:
    File name: TitleofFile.vtt
    File type: All files
    Encoding: UTF-8 (so that umlauts can be displayed correctly).

    Click Save.

  6. Log into the Media Portal and go to your media on your profile.
    Click the video you want to edit.

    • The video will open.

  7. Click on "Edit".

    • The editing form of the video will open.

  8. Click on "Upload subtitles here".

    • The message "If you switch to the Edit Subtitle page, all current changes to the form will disappear." appears.

    • If you have made changes in the edit form that have not yet been saved, save them first and then repeat steps 5 and 6.

    • If you have not made any changes that need to be saved, click "Ok".

    • The page where you can upload subtitles opens.

  9. First select "German" or "English" for Language.
    Click on "Browse" and select the saved .vtt file.

    • Each added subtitle file can be selected in the player by clicking on "German" or "English".

  10. Click on "Upload" and then on "Back to edit form". Save your changes here.

    • Your subtitles have been entered.

    • If necessary, subtitle playback must be activated in the player.

  11. To upload subtitles to an uploaded video in the Media Portal, log in to the External link opens in a new window:Media Portal and go to your media on your profile.
    Click the video that you want to edit.

    • Click "Subtitles" below the video.

    • Click on "Add entry".

    • Below the timestamps, select "Allow player to set".

    • Play or stop the player phrase by phrase for the transcription.

    • Enter the transcription and save.

    • Your subtitles will be added and displayed in the player after activation.

Problems or questions?