Searching for a journal title

BIB 20-050

What you need to know

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) is a service that provides you with easy access to electronically published scientific journals.
Furthermore, it shows whether the journal you are looking for is available as a printed edition in one of the three campus libraries.
You can see whether a journal is accessible online free of charge and in full text, both on or off campus.

What you have to do

  1. Go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

    • Off campus access the university network over the VPN client or over Shibboleth.
      (Helpcard BIB-10-010).

  2. Click on the link to the Electronic Journals Libary (EZB).

    • The access options to full text articles are indicated by different coloured dots:

  3. Enter the journal title you are looking for in the search field, for example:
    WiST (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium) or use the advanced search and enter a journal title or keyword in the Title word(s) field.

    • The search results are displayed.

    • Further search options can be found on the EZB  Help page.

    • You can also search for a phrase or use Boolean operators. More information about these search tools can be found in Helpcard BIB 20-010.

  4. Select a journal.

    • Under Online availability you can see the volumes for which a licence is available.

    • The licensing period of the magazine may be limited to one issue or several years, for example.

  5. Click on Zu den Volltexten (To full texts).

    • You will be redirected to the page of the electronic journal page and now have full text access to the licensed volumes.

  6. In addition, you can click on Druckexemplar(e) vorhanden (Print copy(s) available) in the EZB to see which volumes are available in print on one of the three campus libraries.

  7. To search for print copies, go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

    • Open the libraries' OPAC catalogue or the BOSS search portal.

    • In the search field, enter the name of the journal, for example WiSt. Click Start search.

    • You will receive a hit list.

    • To limit the number of hits, click on 'Media type' on the right and select 'periodicals' (in OPAC) or select 'Media type' Newspaper/Magazine (in BOSS).

    • Click on the title you are looking for to get more information about the printed edition.

    • You will see the availability of volumes and booklets as well as the corresponding library location.

    • Clicking on '63 issues to choose from' will take you to the individual issues.

    • Click on the issue that you need.

    • You can see the location of the issue.

    • You can use the "Order/Reserve" button to have issues from another location delivered to your campus library (Helpcard BIB 20-030).

Problems or questions?

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