Ordering/reserving a medium

BIB 10-002

What you need to know

Media listed in the library catalogue (OPAC) and in the BOSS search portal under "Availability" as "Borrowed", can be reserved using the self-service function or alternatively by contacting the library.

With the status "Available", searched media in the other campus libraries can be ordered by users to be picked up in their own library or in the other library.

As soon as the reserved or ordered media is available at the selected campus library, you will receive an email with pick-up information.

What you have to do

  1. Go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

  2. Open the title in the full view.

  3. Click on the green button "Recall/place a hold" or "Request/hold"

  4. Then confirm that you are a member of the university.

  5. Register with your HFU account.

    • Your HFU account is the account with which you register for example in Webmail or FELIX.

  6. Select pick-up location and notification request.

  7. Click "Continue/Continue to order".

    • The order request was successful.

    • If you requested a notification, you will receive notification by email as soon as the medium is available on the campus requested.
      The medium is available for pick-up for 7 days from the date of notification.

    • If you no longer require the medium, please let us know, or cancel the order over your library account. (Helpcard BIB 10-001).

Problems or questions?

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