Creating a course with a course template

FELIX 10-010

What you need to know

You will find different course templates for different course formats in FELIX, which you can copy and adapt to your needs.

To create courses in FELIX you need authoring rights. First, log into FELIX with your HFU account. Then request authoring rights at Email application is started:felix-support(at)

What you have to do

  1. Log in to FELIX with your HFU account.
    Click on this External link opens in a new window:link to go directly to the catalog entry with our course templates.

    • You will find the following templates in the list:
      - 01_Kursvorlage_Allrounder_(Mustermann)
      - 02_Kursvorlage_Modul-Kurs_(Mustermann)
      as well as the templates for office hours, secret ballot and a learning path course (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-005)

    • The 01 "Allrounder" course template offers you
      ... course elements for communicating and organising a FELIX course and
      ... course elements for the provision of learning materials

    • In addition to course elements for communication and organisation, the 02 "Modules" course template offers you the option of structuring your course in modules (thematically or by time period).

  2. Click on the title of the desired course template.

  3. Under "Administration", select the "Copy" option.

  4. Enter the title of the course and click "Copy".

    • Do not use umlauts and avoid all other special characters except (), /\, -, _.
      Use the following routine for clarity:
      Title_ if applicable, degree programme _ (your last name), example: Marketing_WNB_(Huebner).

    • The administration area of the course opens.

    • Here you can design the information page for your course and administer important course settings.

  5. In the "Execution" tab, select the desired "semester" to show how up-to-date the course in the catalog is, then save your entries.

  6. Click on "Administration" (above) and select "Course editor".

    • The course opens in the editor view.

  7. Change if necessary the "Title" in the top course element and save the entry.

  8. Click the red cross (top right) to close the course editor. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change.

  9. To make your course findable and accessible to your students, please follow Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:10-030.

Problems or questions?