Using "Teaching icons" in your FELIX course

FELIX 10-080

What you need to know

Our new eye-Catchers - the so-called "teaching icons" - provide more variety.
Teaching icons are icons that represent different activities in teaching, e.g. "Present", "Schedule", "Read", "Edit" and many more.

External link opens in a new window:To example in the demo course

These icons can either be integrated into a single page in FELIX (instructions on this Helpcard) or in the area of course element layouts (see Helpcard
Internal link opens in a new window:10-070).
For the creation of new courses we recommend the use of our course templates, there the teaching icons are already integrated
(see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-010).

What you have to do

    • You will be taken directly to the "Teaching icons" folder.

  1. See an example of how to use the teaching icons in a single page here.

  2. Download the "Teaching icons for html" (e.g. by clicking on the file name) if you want to continue with these instructions.

    • The folder will be downloaded and located, for example, in the Downloads section on your computer.

  3. Open the FELIX course you want in the authoring area.

  4. Open Administration  on the top left.

  5. Select the "Storage folder".

  6. Click "Upload file" and select the appropriate teaching icon zip folder. Upload the folder.

  7. Select the inserted zip folder and choose "Unzip" below the table.

    • The folder will be unzipped.

    • The folder with .zip can be selected and deleted with "Delete" (below the table).

  8. Exit the folder by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.

  9. Insert a single page by following steps 1 to 5.1 of Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:30-040.

  10. Select (in the course editor) in the "Single page", under the"Page content" tab, the "Security settings" section" and there "Allow link in entire storage folder".

    • You can now access your storage folder and thus the teaching icons in the single html page.

  11. Publish your changes by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • You can now edit the pasted page in the course view by clicking the pencil icon.

  12. Edit the individual page by clicking on "Edit page".

  13. To insert a teaching icon, select "Image" under "Insert" in the html editor.

  14. Click the Upload Icon at "Source" to select a source.

  15. Navigate to the desired folder that contains the teaching icons.
    Select a teaching icon from the displayed folder and confirm with "Select".

  16. Select a desired dimension e.g. 70 x 70 and click "OK".

  17. Edit your individual page as desired. Don't forget to save in between and select "Save and close" at the end.

Problems or questions?