Analysing survey data

FELIX 40-220

What you need to know

If you have created a questionnaire form (see Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:40-210) and inserted the questionnaire form into a course via the "Survey" course element (see Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:30-170), students can complete the survey.
FELIX ensures that each course participant can only complete the survey once. Survey data is stored anonymously by default.

You specify who can answer the survey (owners, supervisors, participants, guests of the course) and who can subsequently view the results when you integrate the questionnaire form in the course editor (see Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:30-170).

Please note that if you as the owner or coach are also allowed to complete the survey, you can only view the results if you have also completed the survey. This may distort the results. You should therefore consider in advance who may have the "Participate" and/or "View results" rights.

What you have to do

  1. Open the survey in the respective course by clicking on the course element.

    • If you have the right to answer the survey, you will only be able to view the results once you have completed the survey.

    • You have four tabs in the results view:

      In the "Overview" you can see the number of people who have already taken part in the survey, the submission period and the average processing time. Depending on which questions the survey contains, further key figures are displayed.

      Under "Tables" you can see the individual questions and answers in tabular form.

      Under "Diagrams" you will find the graphical representation.

      In the tab "Individual questionnaires" you can view the individual questionnaires (anonymised).

      You can print the respective tables via "Print" (top right) or save them as PDF.
      Via "Export Excel" you can download or save the questionnaire data (without evaluation) as an Excel file.

      You can obtain the same evaluations via "Administration" > "Questionnaire statistics".

    • You can reset the questionnaire data using the "Reset" button (above the tabs on the left).
      Please note that all previously completed questionnaire data will be irretrievably deleted!

Problems or questions?